Teodora Kamenova
Teodora KamenovaMentor & Coach, PCC
  • Communication Coaching
  • Inter-culture Coaching
  • Youth and Advanced Age Coaching
  • Mentoring
PCC Professional Certified Coach

My Story

Once I read the motto of Erickson College – „The world is changed once conversation at a time“, coaching became love from first sight and becoming a Mentor coach turned to “Pay it forward” for me – a calling and a mission. My vision of a better future is beside each professional coach to have at least one more acting coach in Bulgaria and the world. I look forward to the day when each organization will have a coaching culture, each school and university will have a coach for students and teacher and each family will communicate predominantly by asking transformational coaching questions that trigger internal motivation and actions.

I am an expert in CommoUniquation and as a professional coach, I accompany my clients in process of change that they’ve chosen. I partner them make dreams come true in two directions. On one hand, I assist them in identifying inner blockages and limiting beliefs and transforming them into resources for personal development and professional growth, happiness and success. On the other hand, I help them find the Common ground, goals and values in communicating with people with different points of view and behavioral styles, another generation, opposite sex, different cultural identity and ethnic background. Clients learn to respect the diversity and Uniqueness of others.

As a result of partnering with me, my clients also manage their inner world and achieve their goals and dreams, develop authentic, stable and productive relationships in their personal life and/or become part of high performing teams with sustainable results. My fulfillment and satisfaction from coaching comes when I see my clients happy, embracing diversity and change and communicating effectively with colleagues, managers, partner, children, parents, teachers, etc.

My crazy skills

Empathetic Listener and Q-asker
Creative Language Nuance Juggler
Peace Maker
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Others About Teodora

I looked forward to my coaching sessions with Tedi. We got to come up with some very helpful and powerful metaphors around current challenges and changes in my life that have helped enormously in gaining continued perspective as things go forward. We also formed a lovely connection we have both chosen to continue, so I hope to meet her in the future!
Marijke Hallberg Patiris, Evolutionary Leadership Coach
Teodora is a wonderful coach whose gentle and empathetic coaching style leads you forward towards your goals. She connected powerfully with my capacity for visualisation and consistently brought fresh energy and insight to the issue I was working on so that I learned more about myself and the obstacles I’ve built to contain my forward movement. Teodora’s coaching helped me to develop wider perspectives on the challenging issue I was working on and has opened me up to alternative strategies and approaches. I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to be coached by Teodora.
Moira Spence, Professional Coach and Enneagram Trainer
Teodora is a wonderful coach and clients can expect good results from a coaching relationship with her. She is really able to utilize the coaching session fully for a great result.
Karen van Riesen, Possibility Thinking Life Coach
As a fellow coach with whom I made a youth group coaching project, I could say Theodora has a great approach to young people. She is extremely creative and detail sensitive, оpen to possibilities and flexible enough to format the meetings in the most useful way for participants. She also has incredible sense of humor, which makes the entire process more light and joyful.
As a client in individual coaching I was impressed by her attitude, approach and confidence. It feels like we are in a friendly conversation and important insights about ourselves just poped up. Teodora creates a secured space around you and you just feel free to get much further than you ever dreamed.
Kalbie Hodzheva, Family Coach, SuperMama.bg