The PULSE of Coaching – group mentoring program, CCE

 990.00 excl. VAT

  • Total duration – 3+1 months;

  • 10.5 hours group mentoring (7 sessions x 90 min.), online;

  • 3 hours individual mentoring (3 sessions x 60 min.), online;

  • 6 x 60/90 min. practice in triads;

  • Unlimited coaching sessions with real clients;

  • 9 hours of MasterMind (6 sessions x 90 min.), online calls for generating ideas and mutual strategic support of the participants;

  • Recordings of all mentoring sessions;

  • Lectures and materials in Bulgarian or English;

  • Verbal and/or written feedback addressing the demonstrated coaching competencies;

  • CCE Certificate;

The participants have the right to miss no more than 1 session. In case a participant misses an attendance group mentoring session, he or she should make up for it following the instructions provided by the mentors. The participants are expected to be available for triad or dyad practice in-between attendance group mentoring sessions.


The PULSE of Coaching is a group mentoring program for advanced coaching skills, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). It includes 10 mentoring hours for ACC and PCC credentialing and awarding 30 CCE units (24 core competencies & 6 resource development) for ACC and PCC renewal.

What is the focus of The PULSE of Coaching?

  • Work in depth on all 8 Core Coaching Competencies defined by ICF;
  • Self-assessment and self-awareness of the current level of all coaching competencies;
  • Identifying and pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of the coaching skills of each participant;
  • Specific tasks and exercises to improve the implementation of every core coaching competency;
  • Discussion of case studies and challenges in the coaching practice;
  • Rules and tools to help demonstrate all the core coaching competencies in a single coaching session;
  • Practice, practice, practice of the core coaching competencies;
  • Preparation for the Coach Knowledge Assessment by ICF;
  • Three way feedback – by coach, client, mentors.


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