The PULSE of Coaching – certification coach training program (Step 1)

 1,090.00 excl. VAT

  • Total duration – 10 weeks;

  • 1 session per week

  • 50 hours Coach Specific Training as per ICF standards (40 hours attendance training and 10 hours self-study)

  • Minimum 5 observed coaching sessions

  • Included 3 individual coaching sessions with a coach of choice

  • Efficient and convenient interactive online training;

  • Lectures and materials in Bulgarian.

  • Requirements: Desire for development, curiosity and beginners mind

The participants have the right to miss no more than 2 sessions per Step. In case a participant misses an attendance training session, he or she should make up for it following the instructions provided by the facilitators. The participants are expected to be available for triad or dyad practice in-between attendance training sessions.

  • Изберете кода и началната дата на Стъпка 1 от Вашата прграма


At the end of Step 1, participants will have clarity on the principles of the coaching approach. They will have a variety of effective techniques for having a structured coaching conversation. Participants will be familiar with the international standards in the coaching profession, defined by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and will be able to use coaching approach in their work and personal life.

Participants will have an understanding of:

  • Basic coaching concepts;

  • How and why the coaching process works;

  • The nature and regulation of coaching relationship with a client (the person who receives coaching);

  • Areas where coaching is applicable;

  • The 8 Core Coaching Competencies of the ICF;

  • The structure the coaching conversation as per “Ladder of coaching competencies ©”.

Step 1 is available as 5 day on-site training for companies who are interested in developing their leaders and introducing a coaching culture to management.


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