The PULSE of Coaching – certification coach training program (Step 3)

 990.00 excl. VAT

  • Total duration – 8 weeks;

  • 1 session per week

  • 43 hours Coach Specific Training as per ICF standards (32 hours attendance training and 11 hours self-study)

  • Minimum 5 observed coaching sessions

  • Included 2 individual coaching sessions with a coach of choice

  • Efficient and convenient interactive online training;

  • Lectures and materials in Bulgarian.

  • Requirements: completed Step 1 and Step 2

The participants have the right to miss no more than 2 sessions per Step. In case a participant misses an attendance training session, he or she should make up for it following the instructions provided by the facilitators. The participants are expected to be available for triad or dyad practice in-between attendance training sessions.

  • Изберете кода и датата на започване на Стъпка 3 от Вашата програма


At the end of Step 3, participants will have gained deep insight for discovering client’s values, beliefs and sources of motivation. Participants will integrate all the knowledge accumulated so far for even higher level of impact and professionalism during the coaching conversation. They will be able to:

  • Help their clients identify the factors that affect and motivate them;

  • Provoke clients to build a strong and motivating vision that supports their aspirations and objectives;

  • Support clients to access their core values and bind them to their vision;

  • Support clients to overcome obstacles, barriers, fears while achieving the desired vision;

  • Develop a strategy for the integration of acquired coaching skills in work and personal life.


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