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Maria StaykovaManaging Partner, Mentor & Coach, PCC
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PCC Professional Certified Coach

My Story

In my work as a coach I combine two of my passions: motherhood – I’m mom of 3 beautiful boys and coaching – an approach that has always been part of me.

My first passion naturally connects my coaching skills with mothers. As women in today’s world we carry “cargo” of many different roles: mother, leader, pro, partner, girlfriend, housewife, mistress … As a coach of mothers in business, my mission is to help them combine motherhood with other roles in their life in an authentic, harmonious and pleasing way. I work with a small number of individual customers who are:
– Mothers in leadership positions
– Mothers back to work after maternity leave
– Pregnant women
– Mothers, developing their own business
– Women with successful careers who want or find space for motherhood in their lives
– Women who are not ready for motherhood, but feel external pressure on
– Mothers who want to maintain a harmonious relationship with their partner
Through coaching I help them take a birds eye look on different life and work situations as part of a bigger picture in their lives, to imagine the desired future, to connect with their own values, giving them clear and very strong internal motivation to focus on the really important things.
What customers value most in my approach is my ability to create space and environment where they could raise their genius and feel ready to take full responsibility and control to create wished life and relationship … and achieve them.

My second passion directed me to mentor coaching. As a mentor-coach my mission is to contribute to achieving high standards in the coaching profession. Working with colleagues striving for professional excellence and growth, to provoke them to develop boldly and confidently their coaching talent. I co-authored the first ESA accredited the ICF program coaching skills advanced to the Bulgarian language “Pulse of coaching” – a group mentoring program. Coaches who have undergone the PULSE, increase their level of knowledge of 11 basic coaching skills and meet the requirements of ICF mentoring to obtain or renew the accreditation ACC.

I’m part of ICF Bulgaria’s Leadership team as Director of Professional Development (2016-2017) and President for the period of 2018-2019. I support the growth and development of the coaching community in Bulgaria and worldwide with passion and commitment.

I’m a honoree of the Young Leaders Awards of ICF which was awarded for the first time in 2018 to 6 young leaders from around the world who are poised to lead the coaching profession in the future.

My crazy skills

Positive Attitude
Endless Enthusiasm
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Others About Maria

Maria has been a wonderful mentor to me, bringing me with much patience and care to a state of confidence in myself and trust in the mastery of the process.
I am so grateful that I was able to prepare for my oral assessment with such a brilliant and comprehensive coach, and I look forward to keeping on working together. I am fully confident that she develops her Mentor activity for the joy and benefit of many other coaches around the world.
Geneviève F. Bonnet, АСС, Coach Professionnelle Certifiée
Mariya has an open, non-judgmental coaching style.
She was very open to helping me explore different ways of achieving my goals.
Working with Mariya helped me understand, at a deeper level, what I truly wanted and how to explore varied ways of achieving this. As a result of coaching with Mariya, it helped me explore different approaches to growing my business. I would highly recommend Mariya as a coach who can make you feel at ease and help you explore different approaches in a non-judgmental way.
John Eustace, CEO and Executive Coach, thewrightapproach
When I started to work with Mariya Staykova I just wanted to deal with topics more connected with my hobbies and personal life. Our sessions become a reaffirming process for me on many unexpected levels. As a result, I made much better alignment of my values and aspirations and I got down to realizing my long forgotten dream. I found working with Mariya to be a very rewarding and enriching experience. I would definitely recommend working with her.
Thank you Mariya a lot!
Inga Bielińska, ICF Chapter Poland
When I was preparing myself for the exam for coach accreditation, I had the pleasure to work with Maria Staykova as my mentor. In addition to preparing for the exam, our meetings contributed to my professional development as a coach. Thanks to our work, I managed to develop my potential and gain more confidence in my own resources. Maria Staykova is a pioneer in mentoring of coaches in Bulgaria and continuously develops her skills and professionalism. I highly recommend Mary as a mentor for coaches.
Kalbie Hodzheva, Family Coach,