Neda Alkalay
Neda AlkalayManaging Partner, Mentor & Coach, PCC
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Training & Facilitation
  • Commercial negotiations and account management
  • Team and time management
  • Business development and Project management
PCC Professional Certified Coach

My Story

I believe nothing has only one side. In fact, me too.

As a mentor, I work with high professionalism, personal drive and dedication to support my clients in developing their skills and building confidence and uniqueness as coaches.

What inspires me to work as Training Assistant (in Erickson College Canada) is my strong willingness to contribute to the education of highly competent and successful coaches, as well as to maintain and further develop my personal coaching skills and competences.

As a Leadership Coach I work with managers from all levels and partner with them in achieving their strategic long and short term goals. I support my clients to deepen their self-awareness, enhance their capacity and drive and take responsibility to create powerful visions and turn them into reality.

I personally believe that the power is (and always has been) inside us. We access that power through the choices we make about how to be, how to see, and what to do. And we put our creativity and inspiration to work on creating value and making a difference.

I am a proud mother of three incredible children – joyful, wise and always questioning – they challenge and inspire me to continue learning and discovering every day of my life!

My Crazy Skills

Straight To The Point
Goal Oriented
NO is not an Answer
Stubborn and Persistent
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Others About Neda

I met Neda during the Leadership Program organized by Schneider Electric. She was my Personal Coach. She distinguished with her ability to build an environment of mutual trust and respect. Her style is open, flexible and confident. She focuses on her words and helps the self-expression of the person against her. She helps to understand what is important and allows a coachee to take new actions to achieve the agreed objectives.
Nikolay Naidenov, Vice President Industry
Neda Alkalay is a great person, coach and trainer. I know her since 2008. I know her coaching practice since 2012, as we work in formal coaching relationship for the last two and a half years.
What distinguishes Neda is: responsiveness and smile, speed, courage, business experience, work with ease under pressure and emergency situations, and that she is a Grand Person.
Thanks Neda!
Ralitsa Todorova, Executive Director, C Team Talant Management
My coaching – experience is associated with extremely pleasant hours of reflection on the important things for me. First, I got used to asking myself, “What I want to achieve?” in every part of my life. I track my progress and set my new goals. It is interesting that people around me got fascinated by this and started to ask themselves more questions.
Veselin Stoyanov, General Manager, Transpress
Neda is great at training people. She provides different topics with an interesting and useful approach. Neda backs up her insights and knowledge with a lot of examples that help people to understand the concepts and why the steps need to be undertaken. I highly recommend her if you want your teams to develop a variety of sales and management skills.
Veselina Panayotova, Sales Director HoReCa & Export at Carlsberg Group
Neda has qualities, which are admirable for every professional – integrity, passion about her work and vast experience. I have the pleasure of working with her for several years already and I’m always delighted with in-depth strategy thinking she applies to every situation. This allows Neda to create value not only for her company but also for business partners alike.
Valery Tzukrovski, Sales Manager at Octa Light Bulgaria AD